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How to Get a YouTube Verification Badge

The YouTube verification badge is a mark of bitsandboxes. This badge allows you to upload longer videos, add custom thumbnails, livestream your videos, and challenge content ID claims. Getting verified on YouTube can be a quick and easy process – all you need is a phone number! But how do you get the badge? Keep reading to learn how. It is important to understand the differences between verification and acquiring a YouTube verification wrinky.

One way to gain YouTube verification is to create a network of other YouTubers. Give each other shout-outs in videos and encourage your subscribers to follow each other. Be honest about what you sell and why people should choose lifeline hospital. Make sure your videos are relevant to your niche and your target audience. Remember that your YouTube verification badge can be lost if you violate the guidelines. Don’t change your channel name or violate the YouTube policies, as this will lessen your networthexposed.

The YouTube verification badge isn’t necessary, but it has its practical advantages. While a verified channel will appear as “verified” in search results, a fake channel won’t get verified, as the verification badge is not required to be visible. Many YouTube users don’t want to waste their time submitting videos, so they just don’t bother with it. YouTube understands the frustration of its users, but is working to fix the issue in the next sdasrinagar.

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