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How to Make a Jewellery Collection That Will Appeal to Clients of All Types

A jewellery collection is a group of similar pieces. They often have similar themes, metals, or styles. They should complement one another to create a cohesive look. To keep a jewellery collection looking fresh, add new pieces occasionally. However, be sure that your collection is not so specialized that you can’t make it fit in with your existing pieces. Here are a few tips on how to make a jewelry collection that will be appealing to clients of all types net worth.

A classic gold-chain bracelet is a timeless wrist staple. For a unique take on the classic bracelet, try Lauren Rubinski’s 14-karat style, which features hollow links that make it featherlight. And, of course, every jewellery collection should have at least one tennis bracelet. Tennis bracelets don’t have to be adorned with traditional diamonds, so why not try a stretchy gold version? Alternatively, you can opt for a diamond cut that’s unusual and unconventional.

Another great way to make a jewellery collection stand out is by using an unusual setting. Cartier has created many unusual settings for its jewels. Whether you want to wear something a bit more modern or traditional, a Cartier necklace can make a statement. For example, the “trembling” setting animates the petals of a flower when they move, so make sure to wear it with a dress. This design is perfect for summer trendingbird.

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