The City of Toronto Basement Flooding Map

The city of Toronto has a map of their sewer system, but it can’t provide accurate information for residents, so how can you tell where the area is most at risk of basement flooding? The Toronto Flood Map uses data from flood reports from August 19, 2005, and the May 12, 2000 storm. The map was updated in the summer of 2013 to reflect changes to flood locations. In addition, the map shows where the flooding occurred during the July 8, 2013 storm. You can also find a copy of this map through other City reports.

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This multi-year flood control program in Toronto is designed to reduce flooding risk by improving the sewer system and overland drainage routes. The city is conducting Class Environmental Assessment studies in 67 study areas. The firm Morrison Hershfield is the project manager and prime consultant for the study. The study included recommendations, design, and analyses for three different study areas in the Scarborough region. The city plans to implement these recommendations in the future.

The City of Toronto’s basement flooding map shows where sewage pipes are at the greatest risk of flooding. Depending on where you live, you can protect your basement with a backwater valve. This device prevents sewage from backing up into the basement during a storm. You can also get a rebate for installing a backwater valve from the city. However, it’s important to note that the map doesn’t show individual addresses, which makes it difficult to identify specific properties.

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