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What is the Best Material For Bed Sheets and Pillows?

There are several different materials for bed sheets and pillows. Cotton, silk, and linen are among the most common. All three are natural fibres that promote body temperature regulation. Each material has its own pros and cons. Cotton sheets are generally less expensive than other materials but can be more fragile. Below is a quick guide to each material. In short, you need to consider the type of bedding you need and the purpose for which it’s intended.

The best quality sheets have a thread count of at least 200. Silk, for instance, has a higher thread count. Similarly, cotton sheets should have a thread count of at least 100. Silk sheets are the most expensive, with thread counts of about 200. However, there are several other materials you can choose from that will provide similar comfort. For example, you can purchase bed sheets made of polyester for less than $50. Both materials are soft and comfortable.

Bamboo and cotton are two other environmentally-friendly options. Bamboo is naturally breathable, but requires special care to ensure they stay soft and supple. Organic cotton is an eco-friendly choice, although it is more expensive than Egyptian cotton. Bamboo sheets also have anti-microbial properties, so they are better for you than cotton. Although bamboo sheets are a bit more expensive than cotton, they are also more durable. In terms of cost, bamboo sheets cost around 20 percent less than cotton sheets, but they still provide similar benefits.

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