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What to Check Before Renting a Room

You’ve decided to rent a room but are wondering what to look for in a prospective tenant. While it’s perfectly fine to live with a roommate, it’s a good idea to screen your prospective tenants first. Do a background check and ask for references. Check the renter’s credit score, too. Some renters may have a bad credit history, which can make it difficult for you to collect rent in a timely manner.

Make sure to list any red lines you may have in the listing, and make sure that the property is suitable for the tenants who apply. These can range from allowing pets to smoking, to requiring a one-year agreement. Most advertising platforms ask applicants to answer questions about the kind of people they are and what they don’t. If a roommate does have a red line, the landlord should make sure to clearly state what this means and how to communicate that to the prospective tenants.

Check for local laws. You might be required to give a landlord at least 24 hours’ notice before entering the room. If the room is occupied by a tenant, you could also be held responsible for any damage that occurs. Also, consider the price of the room. Rooms with bathrooms usually fetch higher prices, while rooms with only one bed will be cheaper. Also, check the rental market. If it’s located in a crowded neighborhood, you might want to look for another property if the location isn’t perfect.

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